Some of the best health and dental care on Margarita Island. Also care for your pets!

This website is intended to bring comprehensive medical services information to anyone visiting this site. And when it is completed I hope to also have comprehensive animal healthcare information to help you with your pets.

Unfortunately this is not an easy project, and it is very time-consuming, so please bear with me. The island has a lot of specialized services, which I hope to list here, but it”s difficult to find the right people in their offices at the right time. So if there is a service you need and you don”t see it listed please email me…I”ll do my best to locate it.

Also, as you go through the pages of this site I”m sure you might be asking yourself, "Why is this gal talking so much?" And I would say to you, "Well, I don”t normally talk a lot, but I want you to feel at home here, and know that this really IS a good place to visit, or live…your choice, and that it is not a backwards place for health care.

Anyway, I hope you find what you came looking for…and thanks for dropping in."

Disclaimer: The content of this site is provided without any warranty, expressed or implied. All opinions belong to the author, or to those people who have offered them, and may not be the opinions of everyone. And the medical information regarding the doctors, clinics, hospitals, etc. is gathered from the respective medical person or facility, and was regarded as accurate at the time gathered.

This information is in no way meant for healing oneself, and advisement is to seek your health care provider”s expertise.

And since we”re talking about ”health” on this site I feel it is appropriate to share this with you here.

I”m sure most of you would agree with me that music is healing. In fact, there is a lot of research proving it”s healing benefits. I won”t bore you with all of that, because if you”re interested in the research aspect I”m sure you can find it as easily as I have all over the internet.

And this is what I want to share with you. An ”OLDIES” music group I have been following on the internet. My daughter had a chance to see a couple of their live shows a few years ago, and she got all excited telling me I just had to see them. So, that”s when I took to the internet to find out about them. I would really like to see a ”live” show, but unfortunately I don”t live anywhere near where they perform, so I will have to settle for video clips and pictures from their website. They are called ”24K GOLD MUSIC SHOWS”.

Anyway, below are a couple of ”youtube” clips of two of my favorites.

And below is a newer newspaper ad for 24KGold Music Shows. My friend sent me the new show ads. (click below to go to their website). I”m really hoping everyone gets a chance to see them in person. (UPDATED 06/09/11)

And don”t forget to come back soon to see what”s new on our site.

24K Gold 60s Girl Groups Sampler

24K Gold Cara Mia

24KGold Show ad for Sept 17th 201124KGold Show Ad for Sept 17, 2011
24KGold Show Ad for Sept 17, 2011


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