Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting, 8:30 pm. Thursday 30

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting, 8:30 pm. Thursday 30th August 2001at the Poolside Bar

An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Chiang Mai Pub Darts League is hereby called by The Chairman to ratify the new Constitution, and will be held at Poolside Bar on Thursday evening, 30th August at 8.30 p.m.

Up to 2 members of each Team are invited to attend. (Each Team has one vote.)


1 Ratification of the new Constitution

Dennis Brown

Notes on the new Constitution

The Officers and Officials of the CMPDL realised some time ago that the CMPDL has evolved considerably since the original Constitution was written, and have spent several months working to improve and update it.

The new Constitution clarifies several anomalies in the previous version and clearly defines the rights of Members, Players and Venues, as well as laying down the structure of the CMPDL and the Meetings to be held by the League. It also gives clearer labels to the various levels of the Structure of the CMPDL and defines the responsibilities of the Officers and Officials (to be renamed ‘The Committee’). The new Constitution also requires that The Constitution, The Rules and Proposals put to a Meeting be translated into Thai, to reflect the change of the CMPDL to a majority Thai membership.

A copy of the proposed new Constitution is included with this Notice (view Draft Constitution), and the Chairman asks all Members to study it carefully, in order that ratification at the EGM may proceed with the minimum of time spent explaining details. The Chairman also asks that all Teams be represented at this important Meeting, which is in the interest of all League Members. It should be pointed out that approval of a two-thirds majority at the EGM is necessary for ratification.

The Administration Secretary, Adam Cotton, will be happy to explain the meaning of the new Constitution between now and the date of the EGM to anyone who asks him. Please phone him on 01-993-0055 after 21st August if you wish him to answer questions.

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