Innovation takes many directions…

Leading us to explore areas of meaningful service outside the confines of our offices and immersion in our industry.

Here”s a success story Actio”s been honored to support.

More than $700,000 has been raised through a fishing tournament -which has become one of the Seacoast”s most highly anticipated and critically acclaimed charitable successes.

The annual Wentworth Marina Striped Bass Tournament, now in its 8th year attracts hundreds of anglers from over 12 states, numerous distinguished legislators, industry leaders and some of the State”s most successful and largest employers. Fully administrated by volunteers, 100% of sponsor generated funds were distributed to 20 area organizations servicing the Seacoast”s children in 2002. Funds that now endow previously unavailable, necessary services and supports, such as professional grief and crisis guidance, emergency financial assistance, and first time dental care. Others have been provided opportunities otherwise not obtainable in discovery of the arts and sciences. Each beneficiary organization has made a separate and specific commitment to enhance, support, educate and empower the lives of the children they serve. Programs are monitored, success stories abound, and lives have been influenced. Actio congratulates our fellow sponsors, volunteers and participants as we realize our mutual goals in providing a better life for so many of New Hampshire”s children.

Building a Healthy Community
-Local Corporations Support of Striped Bass Tournament Equals Meaningful and Measurable Programs for Seacoast Children and Youth

GO FISH, Go Swim, Go Play! Whether it fishing or boating, hiking or foursquare, for your child”s good health send them out to play.

Since 1997 the committed work of Sponsors, Beneficiaries and Volunteers has transformed the lives of many under-served Seacoast children with educational and enrichment programs, and through health-care and crisis directed services. With more than $700,000 raised to date, a number of programs in place tied to meaningful and measurable results.

The Tournament is unabashedly proud of helping to produce these strong programs and looks forward to initiating many new services through grants made to our 2004 beneficiaries. This year the Tournament also embraces one of the simplest preventative health care programs available – play. Family activities, organized sports, backyard adventures, whatever the option, play is a significant contributing factor in raising healthy kids and building healthy families. Turning swings into space travel and sandboxes into the Sahara, imaginative play fosters independent thinking, and creative expression.

Teaching our children to model healthier lifestyles and make good choices also involves the right combination of physical exercise, and proper nutrition. A healthful combination having been solidly linked to improved academic performance and peer group relations. Equally important side affects occurring with generous amounts of prescribed play have been found to reduce the stresses children face in coping with today”s challenging world and to positively influence childhood obesity, diabetes and other weight related illness. So choose an afternoon and turn off the TV, the DVD and the Video Games and make the healthier choice – Go Play!

Improving the health and the life of children and youth in the Seacoast other Sponsors of the 2004 Tournament include:

Foundation Grants from: Benson Family Charitable Trust, FleetBoston Financial Foundation, Citizens Bank Foundation, Mark & Eva Stern Foundation, Levine Family Charitable Trust.

Media Sponsors: Clear Channel Radio Stations, Seacoast Newspapers and WMUR TV.
Sustaining Sponsor Support from: Actio Corporation, Shawnee Peak at Pleasant Mountain and Wentworth by the Sea Hotel.

Additional Sponsors are; Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England, Norma & Marvin Lesser, Ocean National Bank, O”Neil Griffin Bodi, Pan American Airways, Professional Mariner, Rath, Young and Pignatelli, RedHook Ale Brewery "the official Beer of the Striped Bass Tournament", Green & Company, Greg and Jennifer Sancoff, FLP Energy Seabrook Station, Nancy Phillips Associates, Premier Marketing. Event Facilities provided by the Wentworth Marina.
For more information, or to find out how you can become a sponsor please visit our website

True Innovation rests in Knowing when Future Opportunities Require a Vision of the Past

It”s not often that you have the chance to influence history. Our involvement with the local non-profit organization, the Friends of Centennial Hall (FOCH) a group dedicated to revitalizing one of the area”s most important educational, social and civic centers, reminds us that you don”t approach your drive for progress by clear-cutting through the past. Excerpt from the Friends of Centennial Hall (FOCH) report to the community Among the many benefits of living in our community is the natural and man-made diversity of landscape. Our scenic coastal beauty exquisitely balances wetland, grassland and densely forested roads. So to is the complementary character of the architecture of our town”s evolution with our contemporary construction. An essential and equally influential part of our founding century, Centennial Hall so to defined the social and educational development of the town. Yet with a minimum of renovation, the Hall has continued a legacy of service. In seeking the Hall”s complete revitalization, the vision of the FOCH has remained constant over the years, with a purpose established in the belief that to protect our heritage, we must make the effort to save our remaining historically relevant buildings. Returning in this case, the full heart and soul of theatre, music and all spectrums of the arts to the building. Be A Part of History Support the Renovation and Restoration of Centennial Hall to find out more information or to make your tax-deductible donation visit our website

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