What Causes Depression

What Causes Depression

The term of Depression can be simply defined as the feeling of feeling, hopeless, helpless and sad. The depression is also called sometimes as the chemical imbalance within the body of a person. We all are aware of the fact that the depression can lead to several problems, which can be the physical problem, and also emotional problem, in which a person can feel completely broke, as the person can also think that his or her life is completely worthless to live, as he or she loses all interest in everything that is present around him in his life.

Depression is now one of the most common medical problems that are faced by the people. If you want to get rid of this mental sickness than this is very important to know that what causes depression

and the specific reasons that are responsible for the depression.

Here are some major factors that are responsible and are behind the reasons of what causes depression

Biological reasons

When a person is depressed or stressed, the changes in his appearance can be visibly seen, through his activities. As sometimes some people are more prone to get tensed as they have got sensitive personalities, and less patience, in this way they start getting panic and worried more than others.


Neurotransmitters are actually are the brain chemicals that are produced by the brain, when a person is depressed, stressed or tensed. As if the procedure of their formation is started once, they start to get developed more quickly every time the person is depressed, resulting in a worst condition.


Well it is a well known fact the hormonal change in anyone’s body can affect everything that is present in his or her life. The change or disturbance in the hormones within the body can cause the depression too, as due to the changes of hormones, the person get annoyed and stressed hence resulting in triggering the depression.

Inherited traits

This may sound awkward but is the reality, like as for the question that can you reverse diabetes, same applies here in the traits sense as this is out of your control completely, as the traits of a person which are inherited to him by his elders do play a major role in getting that person prone to any medical illness or medical condition. In the case of depression this phenomena is also applicable as this can also be one of the inherited trait that one of your family member has experienced, further making you more depressive and tensed at some regular points of your life.

Medically the depression is stated as the chemical imbalance in the body, which mostly affects the brain. Depression has also some types such as bipolar disorder, sadness, postpartum, psychotic depression, dysthymic disorder and major depressive order.